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Garry Charles’s Plague Pits award

This is so unfair, but seeing as I got away with sharing out the sword I will be forced to make a choice.

INCARNATE by RAMSEY CAMPELL. The biggest waste of 20p at a car boot sale ever. I spent a week on nights in the bowels of the earth reading this one when I could have been getting some shuteye.

And now I feel I should justify my choice. I just found it to be a vacuous, over long story that never really did anything for me as a reader. I wasn’t entertained and I wasn’t scared. Sorry RC!


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Elaine Lamkin’s Plague Pit Award

I would like to banish to The Plague Pits all PG-13 (Cert 15 in the UK…I believe) horror and most remakes as well as this current trend of romantic horror in “literature”.  Of course there have been a FEW respectable PG-13 horror films such as “The Ring” (remake) and…well, that’s the only one I can think of offhand so enough already!  And with all of the horrifically imaginative writers, one would think there would be more film adaptations of works by popular horror writers BESIDES Stephen King (who does better on television anyway).  So quit with the remakes!!

Also, vampires are not meant to be sexy.  Re-read “Dracula”.  He was NOT described as looking like Gary Oldman or Frank Langella.  Count Orlock in F.W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” was closer to Stoker’s ideal.  So all these sexy vampire novels and TV shows should be consigned to the deepest realm of the Plague Pits.

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