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On how Stephen King influenced me and what that really means by JD’L


There’s no doubt that Stephen King has affected the writer in me. But he affected the reader in me first.

I wanted to share a few thoughts on which of his works have impressed me the most. I use the word impressed very deliberately. It’s only those tales that psychically ‘pushed into’ me I’m going to talk about, those works whose touch is still upon me. It would be very easy for me to go and pick some of them off my shelf or call them up online to refresh my memory but that would be cheating. I want to comment only what remains with me after all these years.

I was about 13 when I discovered Stephen King. I read his work with commitment and loyalty for many years. The novel I loved the most was The Stand. There was a tale to get lost in if ever such was written. Not only that, aged 14 or 15 by that time, I truly believed the end of the world was coming one way or another. The world in The Stand was therefore all the more real for me to enter and dwell in.

Yet, it wasn’t usually Stephen King’s novels that truly affected me. It’s my belief this gentleman of fiction is primarily an extraordinary craftsman of the short story and it is in those works that I really connected with his imagination – or his connected with mine. Many of his best works were collected in the 1978 anthology Night Shift – in there you can even find one of the seeds that went on to become The Stand; a post viral apocalypse tale called Night Surf.



November 11, 2008 at 10:33 am 2 comments

How the twilight breached my mind by JD’L

The first time I experienced deep psychological fear I was eight.

Some older kid was telling ghost stories – dismembered hands that strangled children and objects which moved around on their own. The tales were innocuous but they were too much for my tender little soul. I wept, horrified and inconsolable, and spent the next few weeks utterly terrified. Before that, I’d never really felt the power of the supernatural.


September 29, 2008 at 11:09 pm 4 comments

Welcome, Fiends, To My Crypt of Nostalgia…by Bill Hussey

My love of all things grisly and ghastly can be traced back to one glorious summer day in 1984. I even know the date – 15th July – the time of day – mid-morning – and can have a pretty good stab at the exact time: it was 10.30… ish. How do I recollect these details with such precision? Well, it was my birthday for starters – how portentous is that, guys and ghouls? – and my treat for the day was to be dragged along to one of the thousands of car boot sales which clog up Lincolnshire’s car parks during the summer months. Holidaymakers, wending their way to Skegness in a never-ending caravan of, well, caravans, like nowt better than spending their Sunday mornings picking through other people’s God-awful tat. But, hands up, my family take an unhealthy delight in just the same hunt for bargains – a hunt, I feel, which is as illusory as any Grail quest, no matter what gappy-toothed and perma-tanned daytime antique dealers would have you believe.


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Err… Yes, Master? Him Downstairs Lets One Out…

There’s nothing more tiresome than horror authors.

They’re just so damned aspirational: always wanting the world dancing around and clapping its hands just because they’ve conjured up a little splattering of blood and the occasional gruesome dismemberment. I mean, really…how feeble.

How so very pedestrian.

They never stop going on about how they’ve got some kind of hotline through to me here down below, when in fact the little darlings would run a mile if I so much as rammed a scimitar up their bottoms. They’ve no stamina, they’re 100-metre egg and spoon men, all froth and no bottle. Me and all the other book publishers down here, we could eat the little bastards for breakfast. Actually, sometimes we do. That Wheatley, he was bloody stringy.

Anyway, D’Lacey and Hussey – don’t they just sound so pretty? – think they’re hardcore. They think they know what horror really is. But, let me tell you – once I’ve sold their souls to Waterstone’s, I’ll eat their livers alive…

Get on with it chaps.

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A new home for Horror Reanimated!

Welcome to Horror Reanimated, the voice of Bloody Books.

We’ve only gone and bought ourselves a URL haven’t we? A Universal Resource Locator, no less.

Or a web address.

So please go to from now on, and don’t forget to update your bookmarks and feeds.

This URL will live on for a few weeks only; then it’s the knacker’s yard…

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JD’L: So, this is what happens when you sell your soul, Bill…

BH: Seems like, Joseph. I thought there was something fishy about the Beautiful Books team insisting on the contracts being signed in the blood of an unsullied virgin.

JD’L: Yes, and frankly, I’d expected more cash.

BH: And more unsullied virgins.

JD’L: Too right. Have you seen the job description?

BH: Remind me…

JD’L: Well, it seems we’re to remain here in filth-ridden purgatory doing our new masters’ (Bloody Books’) bidding until we earn our freedom.

BH: How many words a day does that entail? Or how much promoting of our dread masters’… ow!… wonderful publishing house?

JD’L: Wow – where did that whip come from? Well, honestly, I think it’s kind of a loose remit. Probably a great opportunity to enjoy the sound of our own voices.

BH: Maybe you’d like to tell the free souls outside the BB dungeon a little about what we’re doing here, manacled and chained to our laptops?

JD’L: We’re going to be ranting lyrical about the resurgence of the horror genre – ha! Horror never died, did it? We’re going to meet and chat with some horror experts (seeing as we’re not qualified!) and we’ll occasionally give a little opinion on recent or classic works in the genre. Oh yes, and get our bollocks toasted off with flaming firebrands.

BH: I like the last part best! Yup, this is a kind of reaching out to horror fans, not just to promote our own works, (‘Meat‘ by Joseph D’Lacey, ‘Through A Glass, Darkly‘ by Bill Hussey, available from all good bookshops and online), but to ask why horror has turned a corner this last year or so. And we’d like your ideas and suggestions on this. Let’s get a good long discussion going on why this lumbering old beast of a genre has smashed its way back into our hearts in recent years. Also, please do let us know what you think of our books and any brilliant, (or dire), new penny dreadfuls you’ve come across.

JD’L: I’m looking forward to this, Bill. Now, who do you have to pornographically torture to get a pizza around here? Oh, and send a message upstairs about those virgins…

August 18, 2008 at 8:29 pm 1 comment


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