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Digital Wasteland #2

g441Er, not exactly digital this one I’m afraid, more televisual and print-based oddities of evil deliciousness really.

As previous posts attest, there’s some good, (or potentially good), viewing around for us genre folks thesedays. Not sci-fi, (or is it sf?), or fantasy, but good old horror… or a sub-genre thereof.

Sunday night sees the first Survivors, an updated version of Terry Nation’s post-apocalyptic serial that ran from 1975 to 1978 over three series on the BBC. Here’s an article in The Independent. A poll on the above linked BBC website shows that 24% of respondents are ‘sure they’ll like it’; 51% including myself are ‘cautiously optimistic’; 7% are ‘undecided’; 16% are worried it ‘might not be that great’, and 2% are ‘sure they won’t like it’. If it’s anything as convincing as Apparitions, it’ll be another Sky Plus series linker. Here’s a rather nice fan site concerning original said series from which I purloined the truly terrifying image of mid-seventies crockery.



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Digital Wasteland #1

This will be the first of a regular update, (is ‘regular’ non-commital enough, JD’L and Bill?) concerning recently published articles of interest for all us horror fanatics. Not much comment on my part you’ll be glad to know I’m sure, just plain, old-fashioned linkage. Hopefully it’ll save you guys and gals some time trawling through this great stinking, dripping Digital Wasteland. 

First up, something for genre readers by Lisa Tuttle. She reviews horror, science fiction and fantasy for The Times’ Books supplement on a Saturday. A few nice, new parchments of darkness to budget for can be found here.

Weird Tales – yes THAT magazine, (good old HPL et al), is giving away the July/August  issue as a PDF here. It’s a big 100 page baby that make takes a few minutes to deliver, but it’s worth it. But be quick, it’s for a limited time only and obviously trying to encourage a subscription-drive. The issue features fiction from Norman Spinrad, Nick Mamatas, and Karen Heuler; an in-depth interview with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola; a journey into H.P. Lovecraft’s dreamlands; an exclusive excerpt from Stephen Hunt’s steampunk epic The Court of the Air; and lots of other things. Even the ads are worth a read.


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What a bunch of bankersHorror Reanimated, a blog for dark times. Sure got that right didn’t we?

But we can take solice from the fact that it’s not only books that are considered recession-proof; see Vanessa Thorpe’s article from Sunday’s The Observer on the rise and rise of the horror film, and a nice little primer for a tranche of upcoming celluliod spookiness.

Now, for zombies, obviously…

Zeds… oh my! Do a Google blog search for ‘zombies’ and you’ll get nearly 900,000 entries. And within those entries there’sthis. REMOTE FRICKING CONTROL! And this. So simple.

Check out these images of the latest Zombiecon – this enduring strain of horror is DEFINITELY recession proof. Those Wall Street W*****S got what was coming to them. Now for London’s Square Mile… they’re all walking around like zeds most of the time anyway.


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Err… Yes, Master? Him Downstairs Lets One Out…

There’s nothing more tiresome than horror authors.

They’re just so damned aspirational: always wanting the world dancing around and clapping its hands just because they’ve conjured up a little splattering of blood and the occasional gruesome dismemberment. I mean, really…how feeble.

How so very pedestrian.

They never stop going on about how they’ve got some kind of hotline through to me here down below, when in fact the little darlings would run a mile if I so much as rammed a scimitar up their bottoms. They’ve no stamina, they’re 100-metre egg and spoon men, all froth and no bottle. Me and all the other book publishers down here, we could eat the little bastards for breakfast. Actually, sometimes we do. That Wheatley, he was bloody stringy.

Anyway, D’Lacey and Hussey – don’t they just sound so pretty? – think they’re hardcore. They think they know what horror really is. But, let me tell you – once I’ve sold their souls to Waterstone’s, I’ll eat their livers alive…

Get on with it chaps.

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